Picture editing.

Example: Retouching + recolor + masking (More examples below)

Images speak for themselves. Did you know that our brains remember images 50% better than text? In communication it is therefore essential to work with the right images. For either printed content, online content or presentations.

Because photos are quick snapshots, it’s nice to know that if you dealing with skin-imperfections, there is a possibility to get rid of it in post-processing. The same applies to stains, folds and creases in clothing. Or to add or remove a person and/or object later with Photoshop.
With shiny objects such as jewelry it looks often nicer if the reflections are removed. And if not all product samples are ready on the day of the photo shoot, it is nice that products can be recolored. All after the shoot! The possibilities are endless.

If you need images for printing, it is good to know that there are strict quality requirements for this. For example, minimum resolutions or DPIs. Achieving a minimum resolution can also be done during the editing process. Fortunately, photo editing is one of my specialties and I have years of experience with this. I work in both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and through my experience in photography I have developed a good eye for detail, use of color and composition. Are you looking for a consistent look and quality in your images for both online and print? Please contact us for a no-obligation meeting to discuss the possibilities. Based on this I can provide advice and a solution.

Below you will find a number of examples of services with corresponding prices. These include VAT and are indicative, depending on complexity.


The following can be achieved by image editing: 

• To remove stains and reflections
• To icrease resolution for print jobs
• To remove craises and impurities
• To Add or remove objects to photos
• To create realistic object from scratch
• Color corrections and recoloring of objects
• To create a personal filter/preset for a consistent look
• To remove the background of objects or people (masking)
• A lot more. The possibilities are endless

Recoloring of an object/photo

Starting from: €25,-

Masking of an object/photo
Starting from: €25,-

Increase resolution
Starting from: €25,-

Retouching an object/photo
Starting from: €35,-

Creating a personal filter

vanaf: €95,-

Image manipulation
vanaf: €95,-

Realistic 3D creations
vanaf: €95,-

Tip: Do you occasionally need separate content? Then you could also consider the cheaper hourly packages. Flexible, widely applicable, inexpensive and well-arranged.

Example of retouching + recoloring + masking. (All details remain)

Example of a created filter, or preset. Voorbeeld van ontwikkeld filter, of preset.(Makes for a consistant, personal look)

Example of a 3D creation. (Image is made from scratch.)
Example of increased resolution. (From 72 to 300 DPI. From unsuitable, to suitable for printing)

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