Digital content & social media.

Example of infographics. (More examples below)

Digital content is the new print. That’s my opinion at least. Where you used to place an advertisement in the newspaper, you now place it on social media. Where you used to send a job application and resume by post or telephone, you now do so by email or via your website. Of course this has a lot of advantages; it’s cheaper, you can grab attention by adding animation and video, and you reach a lot more people.

Nowadays a lot is possible by digitizing your content. Think, for example, of an interactive newsletter where your followers immediately reach the right page by means of a slide-out menu. Or do you want people to fill in a digital contact form in an interactive invitation or PDF? Or instead of having an old-fashioned brochure, you can also have a digital version made in your style with interactive infographics. This (and much more) is possible to distinguish yourself from the rest.

aSocial media can also be extremely valuable in sharing ideas or products. Nowadays it is very important to post professional content if you want to grow on these platforms. Content is king! Social media can also be extremely valuable for many companies. It is an ‘easy’ way to get in touch with your target audience.

Below you will find a number of examples of services with corresponding prices. You can always contact us for a no-obligation conversation to discuss the possibilities. Based on this I can provide advice and a tailor-made offer. Prices are indicative, depending on complexity.


Email signature

Starting from: €25,-

Interactive CV
Starting from: €95,- 

Interactive invitations
Starting from: €95,- 

Interactive presentatie
per slide, starting from: €35,-

Newsletter template
Starting from: €155,-

Interactive brochure
Starting from: €95,- 

Icon set
per piece, starting from: €25,-

Social media post/ad
Per piece, starting from: €35,-

Social media/website banner
Starting from: €75

Logo animation
Starting from: €95,

Video intro/outro
Starting from: €95,-

Starting from: €95,-

Tip: Do you occasionally need separate content? Then you could also consider the cheaper hourly packages. Flexible, widely applicable, inexpensive and well-arranged.

LinkedIn advertisement example. (Also available for e.g. Facebook and Instagram)

Example of (powerpoint) presentation. (According to the Intersport brandguide)

Sample infographic. (Image editing also done by me)
Example logo animation for video intro.

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